Black Bone Tee

I really enjoy this looks, this is simple i just use a black tee with the bone design, this tee i bought from tebet its like a couple month ago, i use my spray jeans and my jewellery, of course my beloved rucksack :) so enjoy my looks .  

tee is from bloopendorse, spray jeans topman, rucksack zara, jewellery mabibili at 


  1. hey, i really like the look ! althoough i think the position of you, sitting in the midlle of those scooters kinda distracts the look it self. i would've been perfect if u took the photo in more simple spot. nice look, again ! :)

  2. haha, thanks for your advise :) i will post better rifqy really appreciate your comment !

  3. def in love with rings!!!
    very cute blog and nice outfit!