This Is It

Hiii, its been a long time that iam not posting anything on my blog, hehe. alright today im really happy, why ?! because i just got a package from Ronzaro at Singapore !

Wooow this is it, and without thingking i opened the box .

this is was a really a good day for me, Ronzaro just made my day, this shirts is really amazing is suits for me and even yours because you can make your own size and fill fit on your 100%,  the designs are exclusively designed and the shirts are limited in edition :) you can purchase this by shopping online on your computer at home and even you can customize your own shirts :) if you want to buy this shirts online you can use my promo code FEBRIDWI if you entered my codes you will get a free pair of personalized engraved collar !!


  1. heh, sesuatu sesuatu aja terus ngomongnya! hahahahaha. i didnt know u blog deh bi! btw itu yang kmrn kau cerita ya brandnya? sesuatu ya. hahaha*jitak pala sendiri*

  2. Great shirt ! Nice look to with the bowtie and shorts