Hongkong is amazing just 3 days there and i feel so blessed, even i really busy and forget to take a picture this is my friend her name is tata

Hongkong Disneyland is like heaven on earth all the building on this Resort is like a fairytale and all the kind of stuff so well done 

when i arrive there is already night and the show of halloween and vampire, zombie dance with the scary songs and all the monster cames 

the fireworks so amazing really makes me speechless and i just amazed and cannot say anything

cleo is my little sister look her outfit, she's so cute 

 this is a picture of my friends name's chung :) he is like a hero, without him maybe i cannot explore hongkong iam so happy so glad to know you and meet you at hongkong, you are my first friends that i meet on there :) if i have a time to visit hongkong again we should hang out again chung thank you so much :')

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