The Netherlands - Amsterdam part1

on 9 sept 2013
hi everyone!, how are you? I hope you all fine, because I am here feeling great!
as I promised you before i will try to write blog again and my first post since longtime ago will be start by now, yesterday on 8 september 2013 i have a journey, not an ordinary journey because this time is very special and my first far far away journey i have done, EUROPE yes! I have done a Europe trips and with this first post will be my first destination and will continue day by day, so keep following!

at the first time me and harumi arrive at Amsterdam is about at 11 in the morning, this is not the right time, because we have planed a meeting with Mario at 9 in the morning.
Mario is our host there in Amsterdam, we found his listing on airbnb and his really nice host!
I try to call him with public telephone and no answer and try to text him with my phone and yes delivered!, but it cost 5000 rupiah/sms. I try to tell him i come late because we miss the flight! a girl who work at Singapore airport really stupid that she tell us we don't need to check-in again at Frankfurt airport to go Amsterdam because she say she will help us for check in from here and we continue to gate and fly but at the end is never happens!!! because that gate who written on boarding pass we get and the reality gate is different! -.- I was like what the h0#ll! and me and my friends running to Lufthansa desk and asking about our baggage and next flight to Amsterdam, yeah thank god, our stuff is save and we can make it the next flight on 08:35 and have to pay 75 Euro because of this, we really sad but yeah we can't do anything because yes we wrong to, we use to ask again to confirm the right gate but we do nothing, we just confidence with the gate who written on boarding pass from a girl at Singapore so for you all guys! what ever you got from person work their just try to double check for safety!
and continue the story when we arrive at Amsterdam airport schimphol we looking for train to go to the central the ticket of the train is about 3.2 Euro and it takes 10-15 minute. when we arrive at the central station we try to contact my friends fina, but our phones not working their and we cannot find the wifi access, so we just like looking for nothing because we cannot find her, lol :p so me and harumi decided to go Mario place first to get the key and the wifi, we get lost and fall at the street because to excited and laugh all time because we feeling very happy and excited, we ask to people around and finally after a long road and get lost many time we found the house, we get in and their is Mario who waiting for us like 2 hours try to explain everything we need and he in a hurry to get a train because he got something to do but the best things is the house is really amazing!, clean, big, and comfortable, and plus he have a adorable cat name Louis.

this is a picture of our latter for him, and a Polaroid of us with Louis
we said thank you very much for everything for our stay there.
and our first place we see at Amsterdam is Jordan area because we stay at Jordan.
this neighbourhood is really friendly and nice, all flat and apartment looks similar from outside, not really crowded of people but the place in every corner of the street they usually have a small and cute cafe, like in our flat at Mario house at the corner is a cafe name "hagerad" this place is really nice if you like to walk and enjoy the really Amsterdam view or taking picture.
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and this will be my first look of the day.
after we walking around the Jordan area we go to the central station to get a hope on the tram to museumplein in this place you can see 3 of the biggest museums in Amsterdam, Van Gogh, Modern Art, and Rijksmuseum. Here you can't miss to take some picture of yourself with the big sign of "I Amsterdam"
and after we go there, its not Amsterdam if we don't go to the coffee shop
we looking for the coffee shop who quite famous their and it goes to The Bulldog Amsterdam, in here my friends try the cupcake called "space cakes" and drink a hot coffee because the weather is kind of cold and rainy all the day, we spent like 2 hours here, and their is a customers who try to guessing where we are from and try to ask my friends like "where are u from ?" my friends like "I am from Indonesia"  and him like "Hahahha yes I am true", hmm maybe yes a lot of Indonesian tourist goes to Amsterdam :D, after that we back to the Jordan area, enjoy the canal view and walk down the street and shopping because we gonna cook at the apartment! and finish the day 1


  1. Looks like you had an awesome trip! What a beautiful city! Love your photos :)

    1. hahha yes! amsterdam will be one of my fav city! wait for another post :D

  2. what a greaaaaaattt trip ! AAA love to read :')

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun!! Amazing (: Love the pictures!!

    Kisses from Live. Laugh. Love & Make Up