random singing performance by a street styler at #LFW day 3

Some of my favourite Jewellery by lily kamper x jess littlewood at Designer Showroom 

H&M hat | H&M Shirt | H&M Short | Dr. Martens Boots Picture was featured by PAUSE MAGAZINE

TOPSHOP unveiled it's new show space today, an urban warehouse complete with a Beauty Pit Stop, inviting show goers to 'park up and perk up' for complimentary mini make overs, all under a grimy corrugated roof on WC1's Grays Inn Road - a long way away from the British seaside, Topshop Unique took it's cue from for spring. If that's starting to sound deckchair-stripe corny, it wasn't. Cara Delevingne opened the show (just moments after her mother, Pandora took her seat; she whooped and punched the air as her daughter glided by). This was a young, spirited collection that pulsated with bold sporty brights. Retro cycling jerseys in red, bordeaux and sky blue popped against stark white A-line skirts, or frilly mini hot pants in navy blue. Abbreviated hooded anoraks were tossed over it all, further communicating the sportif vibe. No beach scene is complete without a dancehall on the pier. Come night, a Topshop girl will dazzle in knife pleated silver lame skirts and ruffled, slip-of-nothing dresses decorated in a smattering of Swarovski crystals. A change in direction was noted here this afternoon, in past seasons the high street giant seemed intent on spearheading a more grown up approach, this collection felt considerably younger. by Sarah Haris VOGUE.co.uk

Me becoming an official contributor for LOOKS Magazine

#SELFIE with my new friends Mikko and Fabien :))

Hari ini adalah hari super sibuk sedunia untuk saya, mengapa ? selain saya harus hadir di hari ke 3 #LWF 2014 saya juga harus pindah hostel, tetapi saya cukup bahagia karena hostel yang saya tempati ini lebih dekat dengan tempat berlangsungnya #LFW 2014 yang bisa ditempuh dengan berjalan kaki :) ketika sampai, saya sangat terkejut karena orang yang berkerja di hostel tersebut bisa bahasa Indonesia dan pernah berkerja di Bandung selama 3 tahun woooaaww! setelah mengobrol panjang saya langsung bergegas menuju kamar hostel untuk bersiap-siap melanjutkan perjalan London Fashion Week yang sudah di tengah hari ini, kembali lagi saya dikejutkan karena kamar hostel saya sangat berantakan dengan barang-barang orang lain yang berserakan dimana-mana, maklum saya harus tidur dengan 12 orang lainnya, untung saja pada saat itu kamar tersebut kosong jadi saya bisa langsung ganti baju dan siap-siap. Ketika saya sudah siap mau berangkat dan meninggalkan kamar ada seorang laki-laki yang masuk dan terlihat bingung mencari sesuatu di tengah-tengah semua barang-barang berserakan tersebut, dan berkata 'hey you look very stylish, what are u do?' disinilah saya pertama kali bertemu dengan Fabien. Setelah mengobrol ternyata Fabien seorang Painter dari Perancis dan sedang melanjutkan series perkerjaan selanjutnya di London, selain menekuni art fabien juga berfikir fashion cukup menarik dan mempunyai keterkaitan yang kuat dalam bidang nya. Ketika saya mau berangkat Fabien pun ingin ikut dengan saya, dia berfikir mungkin bisa mendapatkan inpirasi, dan kami pun berjalan menuju somerset house. Ketika sampai saya langsung coba catch up dengan fashion people yang hadir pada hari itu dan mengambil foto street style mereka beserta LOOKS Magazanie, karena saya berkesempatan untuk menjadi kontributor untuk memberitakan secara langsung apa yang terjadi selama #LFW 2014 berlangsung, ketika sudah merasa cukup kami pindah menuju designer showroom tepatnya di koleksi jewellery dan saya menemukan koleksi yang sangat menarik dari Lilykamper x Jess Littlewood dan bermacam-macam hair piece yang akan saya update pada post selanjutnya :) tidak terasa waktu terus berlalu dan kami pulang melewati Waterloo Bridge yang sangat indah di malam hari.

Today was a super busy day for me. Why? Besides attending day 3 #LWF 2014. I also had to move from my old hostel, but I was quite happy because I moved to a hostel which was closer to the venue for the 2014 #LFW, so this could now be reached by foot :). When I arrived at my new temporary home, I was very surprised because a man working on the front desk at the hostel could speak Indonesian and had worked in Bandung for 3 years -woooaaww! After a long chat I rushed to my hostel room to get ready to continue my London Fashion Week journey. It was the middle of the day, I was startled because my hostel room was cluttered with other people's belongings scattered everywhere, but I should have expected this knowing that I would be sharing with 11 other people. Fortunately, at that time the room was empty so I could immediately change clothes and get ready. When I was ready to leave the room there was a man who came in, confused and looking for something in the middle of all the scattered belongings. He said 'hey you look very stylish, what are you doing?' This was my first meeting with Fabien. After chatting I discovered Fabien is a painter from France and was continuing his next project in London. In addition to his art Fabien also thinks fashion is quite interesting and has a strong link in his field. When I went to leave Fabien also wanted to come with me, as he thought he might be able to get inspiration, so we walked to Somerset House. When we arrived I tried to catch up with fashionable people who were present on that day and take their street style photos with copies of LOOKS Magazine, because I had the opportunity to be a contributor to announce the latest news for 2014 #LFW. After we had taken enough pictures we moved to the designer jewellery showroom. I found a very interesting collection by Lilykamper x Jess Littlewood and an assortment of hair pieces that I will update in a future post :). The time went by and we went back to our hostel through Waterloo Bridge, which is very beautiful at night.

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