Eternal Rain

When I am arrive in Brighton the weather is not really friendly with me because it was cloudy and I still can feel the water slowly dropped from the sky maybe because I am wearing black outfit hahaha, and at that time I am just sitting at the couch and wait until the rains stop but is not only rains sometime wind also comes and add another chill. I was hoping that maybe I could come again to Brighton in summer to get better experience but I couldn’t lie to you it is a beautiful city. During afternoon I strolled around Brighton Pier and eat Fish and Chips which is the main English food at Palm Court and it was tasty but not as tasty as Indonesian food :p hahhaha. The beach was okay and the playground quite impressive and again maybe it’s not perfect time to visit so the pier a bit dead but if I get a time to visit Brighton again YASS! I would love too.

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