this is what I do when I saw PIG ;>
cheeky smile ? :D
fake snow with fake tears :p

Manchester is one of my favorite places in the UK, besides it’s a famous destination the city it self is very beautiful and compact. I spent 3 days in Manchester and it was awesome and unforgettable, I went to Christmas market, Old Trafford Stadium, Coronation Street Tour, Bar and OBVS strolling around the town. Christmas market in Manchester belonging one of award winning Christmas market in the UK “woow” and what to do in Christmas Market? YASS! Sip on mulled wine since its very cold here in Manchester and shopping! Make sure you don’t miss to visit Old Trafford Stadium YASS! Manchester United football stadium is on everyone list and there was a shop inside the stadium too so you can buy your favorite items or souvenir. Maybe your not really familiar with “Coronation Street” YASS! Coronation Street is a UK series who been produced long time a go and it’s quite famous for local who likes watching soap opera and I got opportunities to join the tour to see the location on set and feeling the ambience and experience the real shooting location for me is quite fun when you can touch and feel it with your own hand the wardrobe and equipment and they have fake snow that really looks real and used in the series too so yeah you did feel it the experience of Coronation Street, the town it self is so compact because you can go from this place to another place on foot and you can easily remember the path you go.


I really want to travel light, but still fashionable? Maybe its impossible for a view of people who like to wearing different cloths everyday, but don’t worries I have the answers for them who want look fashionable when they travelling and how to mix and match your heavy coat with your outfit. First of all bring your coat with basic color like black, gray, or brown so it will match with your entire wardrobe what ever it is, make sure you bring black jeans or trouser because you can wear it everyday with different top and no one will notice you wear the same bottom, its also the same with your shoes make sure your shoes is basic color, and main things is on or your top if you travel 3 days make sure you bring 3 different top with a bit of magic voila you look fashionable everyday!

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