Mabibili Studios

If you asked me where I’ve been gone? The answer is the following post, now I'm busy with my latest project, or you could say my soul mate hehe. Maybe if you remember back in four years ago I had launched a clothing line for women named mabibili who had vacuum because I was super busy and not focus, after returning from London now I'm back again launch a clothing line which still with the same name “mabibili” but with a bit unique touch into “Mabibili Studios” which is my dream who I’ve been dreaming from a long time. If you noticed I really like colors and I also like to use colored outfit even though I do not have a pattern. Mabibili Studios based Fashion label designing bright, bold clothing & accessories and always with element of weirdness and I also wanted to create clothes that can make you smile, far of the word boring but always interesting. My post this time I want to a bit show off with my first collection in Mabibili Studios, prints such as fruits, cactus, hearts and food who very seen in my collection this time because I wanted to make a difference with the retail industry in my country who always plays it safe.