Happy Birthday!

Right a week ago, on 10 February 2015 is the same day when I was born in 1992 or the easy way to call it is my birthday. Different with another years of my birthday this time I was spent my birthday outside Indonesia and far away from my family. I was on a short trip to Bangkok to pursue my career, since I am back to Indonesia I have a goal to start my own business or working abroad. I still remember that day when I woke up in the hotel room I don't even remember its my birthday until I am looking on my phone in the morning and I saw the text message from my friends said that happy birthday! And I just realized "aww today is my birthday". I was travelling with friends but I didn't tell them today is my birthday so yeah I think I spent my birthday like another day, no celebration, no party, no cakes, and no present, But I still happy and thankful because I got non stop text and call from my friends and family trough Everything and maybe that would make it different with another day, lol maybe... Its been a beautiful years I've been trough, a lot of experience that I didn't expect and a lot of surprise so I don't think I need more than that because all of this just overwhelming and I can't stop say thank you to my mom who always support me in every way and my family who always makes me fell loved, and my friends and new friends. I don't know what to say, but now I am 23 and I am still the same Ebi :)


  1. Hi ebi! Happy birthday! Glad to read ur blog! Can i get ur whatsapp pls ! :)