ACNE STUDIOS sweatshirts
PULL & BEAR jeans
TOPMAN socks

Winter in Milan is almost vanish, when rainy and sunny mix it up your week you only want to stay warm at home. I just realised my balcony in my room is beautiful when touching with sun, perfect light is everything to taking picture wearing my fav sweatshirts from Acne studios and all complete.

Photos Adin Ibrahim

FENDI coat
UNIQLO x LEMAIRE turtleneck

Finding light in winter is like a miracle, only last in a hour and continue to fadeout. When you talk about light there must be a shadow, playing with shadow for picture is always thrill me and of course its not easy. When you find a perfect shadow for your shoot somehow it doesn't fit you and the other way. Coat is one of the most important key item for winter, let say it could be your best friend because it will protect you from cold and also comfort you. So, what would you called best friend for winter?

photos Adin Ibrahim

Anne Avantie PASAR KLEWER IFW2015


First of all I would like to congratulate Anne Avantie that has made all the guests in the fashion show dazzled, starting at video playback in accordance with the theme Pasar Klewer, That give me more information about Pasar Klewer previously and make us familiar and understand the story behind the themes, I am also very curious when the video is playing, and wondering the collection would be. From the remnants of burnt batik Anne Avantie managed to collect these fabrics, and sewn back together so she can make a masterpiece that I think is very beautiful and artistic value of this quality. At the end of the fashion show I was also surprise by the theatrical performances involving artists and famous people of Indonesia.

Untuk post yang satu ini saya ingin sekali memberikan selamat kepada Anne Avantie yang telah membuat semua tamu dalam ruangan fashion show terpukau, dimulai dari pemutaran video yang sesuai dengan tema yang di angkat yaitu pasar klewer, kita yang tidak mengetahui pasar klewer tersebut sebelumnya jadi paham dan mengerti cerita dibalik dari tema yang di angkat, saya juga sangat penasaran ketika video diputar, akan seperti apa koleksi yang ditampilkan oleh Anne Avantie saat ini. Dari sisa-sisa kain batik yang terbakar Anne Avantie berhasil mengumpulkan kain-kain tersebut, disatukan dan dijahit kembali sehingga bisa membuat mahakarya yang menurut saya sangat indah dan berkualitas nilai seni ini. Di akhir fashion show saya juga dikejutkan oleh penampilan theatrical yang mengikutsertakan artis dan orang terkenal dari Indonesia.